history goldberg 1Since the 1930s, four generations of the Goldberg Family have been making real estate investments on Massachusetts’ North Shore. After returning from World War II, Bernard (Bernie) Goldberg met and married Barbara Brandenburg, a student at Endicott College, and shortly thereafter, the couple purchased a six family building on Broadway in Beverly, Massachusetts. It was their first home. Over the years they purchased or built a dozen additional investment properties. Barbara, whose parents and grandparents were involved in developing real estate in New York City, decided to open a real estate brokerage in Beverly, and in 1960, Barbara Goldberg Associates Inc. was formed. During the 1970’s she was named one of the Ten Most Influential People on the North Shore, the only woman on the list, and also was awarded Realtor of the Year by her peers. In a business world dominated by men at the time, her motto was, “A woman knows what a home needs.”

history goldberg 2In the late 1940s, Bernie converted his father’s (Sam) gasoline and kerosene business into Sam Goldberg and Son Heating Oil Company. Due to Bernie’s hard work, business grew steadily into the 1970s. In 1963, Bernie developed 407-411 Cabot Street, creating what is known today as Cabot Plaza. Forty-five years later, the Plaza is still home to two original tenants – Dunkin Donut’s and Mr. Vincent’s Coiffures. In the 1970s Bernie moved Sam Goldberg and Son Inc. to Sohier Rd. and converted its former location at the corner of Rantoul and Elliot Streets into a retail commercial property which currently houses Century Bank, Inc.

Bernie and Barbara had four sons: Richard, Robert, Steven and William. From their parents the sons learned the value of hard work and inherited their desire to enhance the community in which they lived. Robert (Bob) Goldberg worked hand in hand with Bernie in the heating business, continuing to grow the company. Richard (Dick) Goldberg made a name for himself buying and renovating numerous multi-family buildings, including the Gale Building (the Castle) located at 16 Broadway in Beverly.

As Barbara Goldberg Associates flourished, William (Bill) Goldberg joined the brokerage in 1973. Working side by side with Barbara, Bill saw the hard work, dedication and moral values involved with running a successful business. He learned first hand the business practices that had earned Barbara so much respect in the business world. During this time, Barbara continued to purchase additional properties consisting mostly of multi-family homes. Tragically, both Barbara and Bernie died at young ages – 51 and 61 respectively. They are still missed today.

history goldberg 3In the 1980s, Steven joined his brother Bill in opening the doors to Goldberg Properties Management Inc. at 234-238 Cabot Street, Beverly. Moving away from the brokerage side, they focused on Real Estate Investments. Today the four brothers collectively own over 100 properties in many North Shore communities. At the turn of the Millennium, Andrew Goldberg and Jay Goldberg, both grandsons of Bernie and Barbara Goldberg, joined Goldberg Properties as the third generation to work for the family business. The principals of business that Barbara and Bernie practiced daily are valued and maintained by Goldberg Properties as it continues to grow. At Goldberg Properties, we are investing today for tomorrow, to preserve our collective architectural history.